Troubleshooting Tips

Having trouble? Follow these steps

Although unlikely, it is possible that when using Vimsy you may encounter issues that prevent a function or feature from working. If this happens, it's important to follow these troubleshooting steps.

Please make a note of what happens as you follow each of these steps

  1. Make a note of what the error message is.  It's also helpful if you can keep a note of which device you're using, which operating system it runs, and which web browser you're using.
  2. Does the issue occur if you repeat the process again?  For example, if you're trying to purchase a video, does the error still come up if you try to purchase the content again?
  3. Double check that the information you've entered is correct. For example, if you're making a purchase, make sure that all of your card details are correct and that your card is still valid.
  4. Does the issue still occur if you log out and log back into your account again before repeating the process?
  5. Have you tried repeating the process on another device or with another web browser on the same device? E.g. using Safari instead of Google Chrome, or trying on a desktop computer instead of a mobile device.
  6. Is your software up to date? If your device is running older software it may not be compatible with Vimsy.

If none of these steps solve the issue then please contact us as soon as possible via

Please note: If the solution to your problem is using another device or web browser, it is important that you still contact our support team so that we can investigate the issue.

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