Actions and Insights Explained

There are two key analytics and tracking features built into Vimsy. One is the Action Log, and the other is Insights

Action Log

The Action Log gathers information about key actions that happen on Vimsy. These include:

  • When somebody creates and/or activates a user account
  • When a user logs in
  • When a user logs out
  • When a user purchases content

The Action Log is presented as a timeline of activity that has happened on your Vimsy channel so that you keep your finger on the pulse with broader user behaviour. You can also receive email notifications when actions take place.


Insights are a way of obtaining viewing information about your videos. With Insights you can see who has watched your videos, when they watched your videos and how much of your video was watched during that session. This is ideal for training providers who need to see whether or not a video has been watched by a specific person, and whether or not it has been watched in full.

This information can be viewed on an individual video level or at a channel-wide level. It can also be filtered and exported as CSV.

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