Selling videos as a one-off payment

Whether you're selling a training course, a short film or something else, you may wish to sell your content on an one-off payment basis, in which your users will pay a one-off fee to receive unrestricted access to your video content. Vimsy lets you do this easily.

You will need to make sure your channel is connected to Stripe before you start this process. You can sell collections, sub-collections and videos on a one-off payment basis.

To set up a paywall, edit the settings for the content you wish to sell. You will see a "Payments" tab down the side. Turn Payments on and then enter the price you wish to sell your content for. (This will be in the currency your channel is set to.)

Press save and your paywall will be active. You can check this by using the "Editor Mode" button in the bottom right of your browser window. If multiple payment options exist, such as a separate prices for your Collection, the sub-collections within it and the videos within those sub-collections, or a subscription plan is also available for the same content, your users will be given a choice for what they'd like to purchase.

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