Adding Members to a Group

Any Vimsy user who is a member of your channel can be added to Member Groups. Member groups are a useful way of applying content Permissions to a group of users at once, rather than listing them individually in your Permission settings.

Creating a Member Group

From the Vimsy Menu, select 'Member Groups' from your channel settings list. In the top righthand corner you'll see a button labelled + New Member Group.

Give your group a name, then add members by typing their names into the box. You will see suggestions appear as you type. Click on the suggestion to add the user to the group.

Once you're finished, click 'Add Member Group' to create the group. You can also import users to a group by uploading a CSV file.

Editing an existing Member Group

From your Member Group list, click 'Edit' on the righthand side of the group's name. You will then be able to edit the Group Name and the group members. To remove members, click the cross (✖︎) next to their name.

Press 'Save Member Group' to save your changes, or choose 'Cancel' to stop editing the group without saving.

Deleting a Member Group

Click the Options menu button [•••] next to the Member Group you wish to remove and choose 'Delete Group' from the drop-down menu. You will be asked to confirm that you definitely want to delete the group. Select 'Delete' to delete the group permanently. This cannot be undone.

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