What is a Member?

When a user logs into their Vimsy account through your channel they become a 'Member' of your channel. The user will appear on your channel's member list which can be accessed from the Vimsy Menu in the top-righthand corner of your channel.

When a user becomes a member of your channel you will be able to see their name, profile picture and email address. Several Vimsy functions, such as Permissions, require users to be logged in so that they can see the content that has been assigned to them. To ease these configurations, multiple members can be grouped together.

If you offer content for sale, users will need to be a member of your channel to make purchases. You will be able to see how many purchases a user has made on your channel from the Member page in your channel settings.

You can see which videos your members have watched, when those videos were watched and how much of a video was watched during their viewing session. This feature is called Insights.

To help you manage your channel you can assign members with an Editor role. This gives other users the ability to administrate your channel. You can access this function, plus several other functions for managing your members, from the Options menu [•••] in your channel's Members Page.

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