Email Notifications for Action Log

Your channel's Action Log function keeps track of when your users complete certain actions such as registering, activating, logging in, logging out and purchasing content. 

You can receive realtime email notifications as these actions happen from the 'Notifications' tab in your channel settings. These notifications are sent to the email address of the registered Channel Owner.

If you wish to change which member is registered as the Channel Owner, please ask the existing Channel Owner to contact with instructions on who to transfer ownership to.

Do more with email notifications

A service such as IFTTT or Zapier can take your Vimsy notification emails and do much more with them. At Vimsy HQ we use IFTTT to post all of our Vimsy alerts into an internal Slack channel, but you could get much more creative. 

For example, you could set it so that every time you receive an email from titled "Content Purchased" your Philip Hue lights flash different colours in celebration, or you could keep a running Action Log for you channel stored in Google Sheets to help you generate engagement reports. The possibilities are (somewhat) endless!

Not receiving email notifications?

If you're not receiving email notifications and believe you should be, please check that your notifications are turned on in your channel settings, as outlined above. 

Notification emails are sent to the Channel Owner only.

If your email settings are turned on and you're seeing activity in the Action Log that has not been notified to you via email, please check that the emails are not being moved to your Junk or Spam folder by your email provider.

Vimsy notification emails are sent from the email address You may wish to whitelist this email address.

If you are not receiving emails and they are not appearing within your junk folder, please email for further help.

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