Setting up Subscriptions

The subscriptions feature of Vimsy lets you generate recurring revenue for your channel.

Before Starting

To get started, make sure your channel is connected to Stripe, the online payments platform we use for handling payments through Vimsy. You can do this in your channel setting. See our "Getting started with taking payments" videos for additional help.

Creating a Subscription Plan

With Stripe connected, click on the Vimsy Menu in the top right, then select ‘Subscriptions’ from your Channel settings list.

Subscriptions can be configured as “Plans”. You can have as many plans as you’d like. To create a new plan, click the “New Plan” button.

Plan Details

You will need to add some details about your plan, such as a title and summary. You can add an image that will appear next to the plan in listings. You can also enter a longer description and terms and conditions for the subscription.

Enabling/Disabling your plan

While you may not want to do this during first set up, you have the option to disable your plan. This lets you continue charging your existing plan subscribers as normal but prevents new member subscriptions.  For example, you may wish to provide a temporary offer for your channel, such as a seasonal special offer. Disabling a plan allows you to keep collecting revenue from those subscribers after the offer is finished while preventing new subscriptions at that price. Once the plan is created, if you want to remove a subscription fully and cancel all future payments use the “Options” [•••] menu and select Delete. If your plan has active subscribers their subscription will be terminated and you will no longer receive payments from them.

Choosing Content

Select the content you want to include within your plan. You can include your whole channel or you can include specific collections, sub-collections and videos. Type in this box to search your content. You can add as many items as you’d like.

Price & Billing

Enter the price of your subscription and the billing preference for how often you'd like to charge your subscribers. You can bill your customers on an annual, monthly, weekly or daily basis. Please note that these settings cannot be changed in the future. Enter a short reference code that will appear on your subscribers' card statements. Ideally this should be a reference to your channel or the specific plan they have signed up for.

Finally, you can choose to offer your customers a free trial. Enter the number of days you would like to offer for free. Entering zero provides no trial. Subscribers will be billed automatically once this period is over.

How your Members subscribe

When you have an active plan available, your channel will present a new page called “Subscribe”. This is where your members can sign up for subscription plans. It will list all of the enabled plans available through your channel. If you have no plans, or no enabled plans, this page will not show.

Clicking the Subscribe button asks members to enter their card details to create the subscription. They can also view details of the plan by using the menu on the lefthand side. Clicking the Details button takes them to the details of the plan, which we’ve just viewed previously.

The Subscribe page is not the only place your members will be able to sign up for your plan. They will also be shown relevant subscription options on appropriate collections, sub-collections and videos. If multiple plans are available for the content they are viewing then all options will be presented. 

It is also worth noting that if one-off payments have been configured for your content users will be given the option to buy or subscribe.

Please note: Videos are not restricted while in Editor Mode. Use the Preview Mode button in the bottom right hand corner of your channel to see how your content will look for users.

How customers manage their subscriptions

For your members, plans can be managed from their account settings. When accessing the Vimsy menu in the top right, navigate to the “Subscriptions” link under "Account". Users will be able to manage their subscriptions here. Subscribers can cancel their subscription at any time and will not be billed on the next cycle.

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