Optimising your privacy settings on Youtube, Vimeo and Wistia

This video explains the best settings on each video hosting platform – Youtube, Vimeo and Wistia – for selling or restricting content through Vimsy. (Although this video has been made with selling content in mind, the principles apply for restricted content too.)


Youtube offers three levels of privacy for individual videos. You can change the privacy of your video when you upload the video, or by going into your account Dashboard's Video Manager tab and selecting the video you want to edit.

There are three privacy levels for videos: Public, Unlisted and Private.

Setting your video as Public allows anybody to see it. It will show up on your Youtube Channel, in Youtube's search tool and also as a 'related video' when people are watching other videos. We do not recommend selling a video that has this privacy setting unless you want it to be accessible on Youtube by people who have not purchased it.

Private is an invite-only mechanism for sharing your videos with other Youtube users. If you sell a Youtube video with this setting through Vimsy your customers will not be able to watch it unless you have specifically invited them through Youtube using their Youtube account.

Unlisted is the third and final privacy option on Youtube and is the best option for selling Youtube videos through Vimsy. This options hides your video from Youtube in the same way that setting it to Private does, but instead is visible to anybody who has access to the link. This means that you can add your video to your Vimsy channel and only those who have purchased the content will be able to find it.

There is one major downside to Youtube, however. Once somebody has the link to your Youtube video it can be easily shared. If somebody has purchased your video through Vimsy and is able to find the source Youtube link (the Youtube player will often show one), they can share it with anybody else who will be able to access it for free on Youtube. For this reason we suggest that you don't use Youtube to host your paid content and instead to look at using Vimeo or Wistia.


Vimeo offers some of the most comprehensive Privacy options out of all three video hosting services that Vimsy supports, as you'll see in the screenshot below. However, you will need a paid Vimeo account to access some of these, such as Vimeo Plus.

For best results you will need to set your video privacy as "Hide this video from". Some options, such as "Only people with the private link", are not compatible with Vimsy.

You can also control where the video can be embedded. Enter your channel URL into these fields to disable embedding of your video on other websites.


Out of the box, Wistia is one of the most friendly platforms for selling your content through Vimsy. As Wistia does not have a public portal for videos, your videos are somewhat secure by default. However, when it comes to monetising your videos you should take extra precaution.

Once your project is set up, click the padlock icon next to the project title. Select 'Project Privacy' and set your project to 'Locked'. This will make sure that, in the event somebody finds the URL to your source video, nobody can watch your videos without paying first.

Next Steps

Once you're satisfied with the privacy of your videos on the source hosting platform, take a look at our guides on setting up Permissions and Payments to get started with those functions.

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