An overview of your account

What is a Member Account?

Every Vimsy user has a personal member account. Your member account contains profile information such as your name, your email address and your password, and also serves as your digital passport for purchasing videos and accessing restricted content that has been assigned to you.

Because you have an account, you can purchase content, access content that has been assigned to you or a group that you're a part of, and you can also keep track of which channels you've visited and which videos you've watched.

Member Account Settings

You can access your member account settings from the Vimsy Menu in the top right hand corner of any Vimsy Channel. There are several Account options, including:

  • Overview
  • Channels
  • Watch History
  • Update Profile
  • Password
  • Purchases
  • Subscriptions
  • Billing

You can also log out from this menu.


Details about your account, such as your name, email address, when you created your account, your last login and the last time you changed your password.


This is a list of every Vimsy Channel that your account is associated with. Your account becomes associated with a channel when you log into your Vimsy account through that channel. It will then appear in your My Channels list in your settings and the global Vimsy Menu. The My Channels list will also show you which channels you administrate either as an Owner or Editor.

Watch History

This section shows you information about videos you've previously watched across all of the channels that you are a member of. You can quickly jump back to unfinished videos, you can sort your watch history for videos that are or aren't complete, and you can export information about your watch progress.

Update Profile

You can change your display name and email address from this menu. You can also change your profile picture by clicking 'Edit' next to where your name is displayed at the top of the page.


Update your password.

Purchases & Subscriptions

If you've purchased or subscribed to content through Vimsy, a log of what you've purchased will appear here. If you have any active subscriptions you will be able to cancel you subscriptions from this menu. You can also see your subscription plan details should you need a refresher on what it includes.


If you've purchased content through Vimsy and have opted to store your credit card on Vimsy for future use, this is where it will appear. It is worth noting that your card details are not actually stored with Vimsy and reside with our transaction provider, Stripe. Your card must be entered for each channel you purchase content from as each channel connects to a different Stripe account.

The Vimsy team cannot access your card information and you will never be asked to provide it by our staff. Be diligent for phishing attacks.

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