Automatically posting or expiring content

A powerful automation feature within Vimsy is the ability to schedule content to post or expire at a certain date and time. This option is available for all collections, sub-collections and videos.

When editing your content, navigate to the Advanced settings panel. You will be able to set a custom Post Date and Expiration Date for your content using the drop-down menus.

You can use the Now button to automatically set the date and time to the current date and time. You can also remove the Expiration Date by using the Clear button. (Content must always have a Post Date.)

Setting your content to post or expire at a future date will result in that content appearing (Post Date) or disappearing (Expiration Date) after the date that has been set.

Setting your content to post on the current date, or on a past date, will cause your content to appear in accordance with any Permissions settings, as long as your content is enabled.

Setting your content to expire on the current date or on a past date will cause your content to expire immediately.

The status of your content will be indicated on the content for all editors of your channel. (Your members will not see this status.)

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