Enabling and Disabling Content

The Enabled/Disabled toggle is a useful way of taking your content out of action without needing to reconfigure your Permissions and Payments settings. The toggle appears in the bottom lefthand corner of your content pane. Every collection, sub-collection and video has either an enabled or disable state. 

By default, collections and sub-collections are disabled. Videos are enabled. When content is disabled it will only be visible to channel owners and editors. When content is enabled it will be visible to anybody who has permission to see it in accordance with the content's Permissions and Payments settings.

Why would I use this function? 

If you need to make substantial changes to a collection, sub-collection or video it may be wise to disable it first so that your users don't see your unfinished content while browsing. Alternatively, you may want to remove older or out of date content from public view but still keep the content available as a reference for the future. Instead of deleting it entirely you can disable it instead. (Note, you can also set content to post or expire automatically after a period of time using the Post Date and Expiration Date function.)

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