Collections and Sub-Collections

Collections and sub-collections are a way of organising your videos into easily navigable structures. You can create as many collections, and sub-collections, as you’d like within your channel.

Creating a collection

To create a collection, from your channel’s home page select the “New” button or scroll to the bottom of your channel and select “New Collection”. You can adjust your collection’s settings by clicking the ‘Edit’ button.

You can change the collection’s details, such as the name and description, and add an image which will appear on your channel’s home page and in search results. You can also add an Excerpt which will also appear in search results.

You can also configure collection-specific appearance, purchasing, permissions and SEO settings. The advanced settings let you change your collection’s URL, plus your collection’s post date and expiration date. Changing the post date and expiration date let you automatically schedule your content. Setting a Post Date later than the current date will keep the collection hidden until that date. Setting an expiration date will automatically hide your collection after that date has passed.

When you’ve finished editing your collection’s settings, hit save. If your collection is ready for use, click the ‘Disabled’ toggle to enable the collection for general access in accordance with your Permissions settings.

Adding videos to a collection

You can add videos directly to your collection by adding them to the 'Collection Videos' area. There is no limit on how many videos you can add. You can change the title for this section by selecting “edit”.

You can also add a single video to your collection’s ‘Featured Video’ area. You can customise the colour of this section and specify a unique Title and Description for displaying next to the video.

Creating Sub-Collections

Sub-Collections work similarly to collections. You can create them within an collection using the New button or the New Sub-Collection area at the bottom of the page.

Sub-collections can be configured like collections, with individual controls for purchasing and permissions for the videos within. The only difference is that sub-collections display slightly differently on your channel. Instead of featured image, sub-collections have an option for a list of features which appear as bullets in the sub-collection description.

Videos are added directly to a sub-collection. You can also choose a single Featured Video to display on the sub-collection’s page.

Managing Collections and Sub-Collections

If you’d like to change the order in which your collections and sub-collections appear, click the ‘Reorder’ button at the top of your collection or sub-collection list. 

Click and drag on the new move handles that appear on the lefthand side of your collections and sub-collections. When you let go your collections and sub-collections will be re-ordered.

To stop re-ordering, click the ‘Reorder’ button again. Your collections and sub-collections will return to normal in the new order.

To delete a collection or sub-collection, click the Edit button, then press the trash icon in the bottom lefthand corner. You will be asked to confirm your decision.

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