Tutorial: Provide free access to subscription content easily with Invitation Links

If you sell training videos through your Vimsy channel in addition to providing training in person, there could be times when you'll want to give free access to your training videos as an add-on to your in-person training customers.

While you can do this with the Stripe Coupons feature (detailed in another video), this elegant solution allows you to gift access to your subscription easily, repeatably, and at scale. Your customers also don't need to do anything other than register for an account or log in through your channel.

Pre-tutorial requirements:

  1. You already have a Vimsy channel
  2. Your channel has videos on it
  3. You've connected your channel to Stripe and have set up at least one subscription plan

If you've not completed any of these steps, please refer to the other videos available on this channel.

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