Adding Pages To Your Channel

Pages are a way of adding webpages to your channel, such as an About page or a Privacy Policy. You can create Pages by navigating to the Vimsy Menu and selecting “Pages” from the list of options.

By default you will have a Home page - a link to your home page will appear in your channel’s navigation bar. You can customise this by pressing ‘Edit’ if you’d prefer to link to another location or website.

You may also have a Subscribe page which lets your Members purchase subscriptions to content on your channel. You may also have a Contact page if you’ve entered contact details in your channel settings.

Creating Pages

To create a page, press the “New Page” button. You will be taken to the page builder. You will be asked to give the page a name and to choose a page type.

There are three types of pages:

Text Pages

Text pages are simple text-based web pages. You can add a Heading which appears as the title of your page, you can customise the URL for the page, and you can add text-based content for your your visitors to read.

Link To External Content

Pages set as Link To External Content provide a way of linking to content on other websites. For example, you might want to link to a Privacy Policy that’s hosted on your company’s main website, or you could link to an external merchandise store.

Link To Uploaded Document

With the Link To Uploaded Document page type, If you have a Vimsy Extra or Premium subscription, you can upload a file that users can download directly from your page’s navigation menu.

Once you’ve added the content for your page, you can decide whether you want the page to appear in the header of your channel, the footer of your channel, or both.

Press Save Page to create your page and save your changes.

Managing Pages

Once you’ve created some pages, you’ll be able to re-order your pages. From the Pages manager, use the move icon on the lefthand side of the page you want to move, then drag and drop it in place to re-order it.

You can delete pages by pressing the trash can icon and confirming that you want to delete the page.

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