Using Vimsy with your own web domain

Warning: this process can get a little bit technical. Feel free to contact if you get stuck!

Head to your channel's settings and select Advanced from the menu on the left. At the bottom of the Advanced settings tab you will see an option for using Vimsy with your own domain.

In box 1, enter the URL for the domain you're setting your channel up with. E.g. or

Copy the domain presented to you in the second domain field. Vimsy uses Clearalias to provide security and encryption for custom domains so that you don't have to purchase or configure an SSL certificate for this process.

You will then need to visit your website host or domain registrar's website and create a CNAME record for your web domain that points to the domain you've just copied. 

You can usually find instructions for this on your web host or domain registrar’s website.

Here are instructions for some of the most common domain registrars:

Once your CNAME is configured your domain should be operational. It may take up to 48 hours for your domain to start working for every visitor to your channel. This is due to the way that DNS works and is unfortunately beyond our control.

Redirecting users to your new domain

Once your domain is configured and operating correctly your channel will forward users to your newly configured domain from your previous URL. 

To prevent accidental forwarding, Vimsy automatically checks whether a custom domain has the correct DNS record associated with it before redirecting. For example, if has been entered into your channel's settings but your domain does not have the correct DNS record, your channel will not automatically redirect.

If your channel is not automatically forwarding users to your custom domain, check that you can reach your channel from the URL you've entered in your channel settings. Please also bear in mind that DNS changes can take up to 48 hours to apply.

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