Using Google Adsense with Vimsy

This feature requires a Vimsy Premium subscription. Find out more at

Follow these steps to monetise your Vimsy channel with Google Adsense.

Firstly, you need to create a Google Adsense account. You can do this at

Once your account is set up, enter your Publisher ID into the Adsense Publisher ID field within the Google Adsense settings on your Vimsy Channel. (These are within your channel's Settings under Integrate.)

You can find your Google Adsense Publisher ID within the Adsense code that Google provides you with, or by going to your Adsense Settings and choosing the “Account Information” tab under Account - your Publisher ID is visible here.

If your initial Adsense verification fails, or your ads do not appear, make sure "ca-pub-" appears at the front of your Publisher ID number.

Next you will need to create ad units. In Google Adsense under “My Ads”, select Content, then “Ad Units”. You can create ad units with the “New Ad Unit” button. Create your ad, then copy the Ad Unit ID.

Return to Vimsy and navigate to your Google Adsense Integration settings.

You have five ad slots on Vimsy; the channel homepage, collection pages, sub-collection pages, video pages and channel pages. You can have different Ad Units in each spot or you can use the same Ad Unit across them all. Paste your Ad Unit ID into the slot you’d like your ad to appear in. You can use the same Ad Unit ID in every slot if you’d like.

If you do not enter an Ad Unit ID into a field, ads will not appear in that location.

Once you’ve added your Ad Unit IDs, press save. Your channel will now display advertisements.

Please note that advertisements are not shown to editors of the channel. You will need to use the Preview Mode function to view your channel with ads. Please also make sure that you’re not using Ad Blocking software, or that you whitelist your Vimsy channel, to make sure you see your ads correctly.

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