Add Resources To A Video

You can add links to external websites and, If you have a Vimsy Extra or Premium subscription, downloadable documents and files to your videos with the Resources feature. Resources appear prominently underneath the description of your video.

Adding Resources

Start by going to the Settings of the video you want to add Resources to. You can find links to a video’s settings on the video page or in your video library.

You can add resources in the “Resources” tab of your video’s settings.

Adding links

To add a link, press the “Add Link” button. Give your link a title, then add the URL for the resource. Press “Save Resource” to add the link to your video.

Adding files

To add a document, press the “Add a file” button. Give your file a title, then press the Upload File button to choose a file from your computer’s file browser, or drag and drop a file onto the drop zone. Your file will begin uploading immediately.

Press “Save Resource” to add the file to your video.

Supported Document Formats

pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, .pages, .numbers, .keynote

Managing Resources

When you have multiple resources you can use the move icon to change the order they’ll appear in on your video’s page. You can also make changes to your resources using the ‘Edit’ button, and delete resources with the trash can icon.

Save your video’s settings to apply your changes.

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