Add Chapters To A Video

Chapters let your viewers easily jump to specific parts of your video.

Chapters appear underneath the video player and all it takes is a click to use them.

To add a chapter, start by going to the Settings of the video you want to add chapters to. You can find links to a videoʼs settings on the video page or in your video library.

You can add chapters in the “Chapters” tab of your videoʼs settings.

Adding chapters manually

To add a chapter, press the “Add Chapter” button. A pop-over will appear. Give your chapter a title, drag the scrubber bar to the time in the video where you want to add the chapter, then optionally upload a thumbnail for your chapter.

Once youʼre finished, press Save. Repeat this step for every chapter youʼd like to add.

Adding Chapters via CSV

If you have lots of chapters that you want to add, or youʼve generated your chapters in other software, you can upload your chapters in CSV format. Instructions for using this function are provided on screen when you press the “Upload (CSV)” button.

Once youʼve uploaded your chapters you can add thumbnails by editing each chapter and uploading a thumbnail.

If you need to edit a chapter, press the ‘Editʼ button. You can change the title, time and thumbnail of your chapters. Chapters are displayed in order of time.

You can delete chapters by pressing the trash can icon.

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