Assign Editors To Your Channel

If you need help running your channel you can assign other members as an Editor of your channel. Editors can access all functions that the Channel Owner can, such as adding new videos, changing the channelʼs settings, and managing members.

To assign a member as Editor, head to your member list by selecting Members from the Vimsy Menu in the top right corner.

Find the member you want to assign as an Editor in your member list. Open the options menu next to the member and select “Make an Editor” from the list.

Confirm your decision.

The member is now an Editor and they will view your channel in Editor Mode.

You can filter your member list to see all Editors of your channel. Select “Filters” then press the “Editors” tick box.

Editors are indicated on your Member list with a small star icon in the top-right corner of their profile picture.

To remove an Editor, open the options menu next to the member and select “Remove as Editor”. Confirm your choice. The member is no longer an Editor.

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