Tutorial: Using Vimsy with an unsupported payment provider

Stripe not available in your country? Already have an existing e-commerce platform?

Whatever your reason, if you want to take payments for your content outside of Vimsy, this tutorial will set you in the right direction.

This short video presented by Rowan explains how you can use several Vimsy features together to create a fairly seamless experience for customers who purchase your content elsewhere.

  1. Create a Member Group for your customers. You can add any existing customers to the group.
  2. Use the “Permissions” settings for your channel, collections, sub-collections or even individual videos. This video explains Permissions in more detail:
  3. Add links to your e-commerce site in the “Details” section of your collections and videos, or use the “Pages” function to create a link in your Header & Footer to your e-commerce site
  4. Create an Invitation Link to your Member Group and add this to your e-commerce workflow, such as via link in your receipts or through your e-commerce platform. New customers will be added to your Member Group when they sign up via this link, giving them immediate access to your content.

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