Integrating videos from Wistia

With Vimsy’s Wistia integration you can add your existing Wistia videos to your Vimsy channel and upload new ones directly to Wistia through your Vimsy channel.

Setting up

Before using Wistia with your Vimsy channel you’ll need to connect to your Wistia account. You’re given an option to do this when you first create your channel but if you missed it you can integrate with Wistia from your channel settings.

Navigate to the Integrations tab in your channel settings and find the Wistia option. Press “Connect”. You will be taken to Wistia’s login screen. Enter your details and authorise Vimsy to access your Wistia account. Once completed, your Vimsy channel settings will show Wistia as connected.

If you would like to upload videos to your Wistia account from within Vimsy, select a project from the drop-down menu and press “Save”.

If for some reason you decide you no longer want to integrate with Wistia, you can also disconnect from your Wistia account here.

Adding existing videos to a collection or sub-collection

Adding existing videos from Wistia is really easy. All you need is the URL of the video you’d like to add to your channel. Start by visiting your Wistia account and copying the video’s URL, then return to Vimsy.

Using Wistia’s Google Chrome extension could come in useful if you plan to add a lot of videos.

To add a video to your channel, collection or sub-collection, navigate to where you want the video to appear and select “add videos”.

You’ll be presented with your existing video library at first. To add a new video, click “Add New” in the top right-hand corner, then paste the video’s URL into the text box under the “Link to a Video” heading. You may need to press enter to confirm the link.

Once Vimsy has found the video, you’ll see the video’s title, description and thumbnail as it appears on Wistia. You can customise all of these, but be aware that this is only changing what appears on your Vimsy channel, not Wistia. The original thumbnail for the video as it appears on Wistia will also be shown within the video player on Vimsy, and if the video is removed from Wistia it will on longer play on Vimsy.

Once you’re happy, save the video. It will appear on your channel immediately.

If you’d like to edit the video’s settings, visit the video’s page and press “Settings” or navigate to your channel’s video library by using the Vimsy Menu in the top right and selecting “Videos” from the list. Find the video within your library’s video list and choose “Settings”.

Add a video to your video library

If you’re not sure where you want to add your video yet, you can also add videos to your channel’s video library.

Use the Vimsy Menu in the top right and select “Videos” from the list. Select “Add new” in the top right and paste the URL into the “Link to a Video” text box. Customise your video, then press “Add Video”.

To add the video to your channel, navigate to where you want the video to appear then choose “Add videos”. Use the Plus button to add the videos you want to the collection or sub-collection.

Upload a video to Wistia through Vimsy

Our integration with Wistia allows you to upload videos directly and seamlessly to your Wistia account from within Vimsy, saving you time and effort when adding videos to your channel, or allowing your colleagues to upload videos to your Vimsy channel without giving them full access to Wistia.

Firstly, make sure you’ve set a default upload destination in your Vimsy channel settings. You can find this under the Integrate tab. Your videos will be uploaded here.

Then, when you add a new video to your Vimsy channel, select Upload to Wistia. This will be the default option once you’ve successfully integrated with Wistia if you do not also have a Vimsy hosting allowance.

To upload a video, press “choose video” and select a video from your computer’s file browser, or simply drag and drop a video file into the drop zone. Your upload will begin immediately.

Please be aware that large video files might take some time to upload, and your file will need to meet Wistia’s uploading criteria.

Once your video has uploaded you’ll be able to customise some basic information such as the video’s title and description. You can also upload a custom thumbnail, although this is only for changing the thumbnail as it appears on Vimsy. The video’s Wistia thumbnail will appear in the video player and on Wistia.

Once you’re happy, save the video. It will appear on your channel immediately.

Editing your video’s settings

You can edit your video’s settings by navigating to the video’s page and choosing “settings” or by finding your video in your video library. You can do this by going to the Vimsy Menu and choosing “videos” from the list, then pressing “Settings” next to the video you’d like to edit.

In the Details tab you can change your video’s name, summary and overview.

In the Source tab you can change the video that Vimsy links to. Simply paste another URL over the video URL that already exists. All of your other settings, including your video’s title and description, will remain the same. You can also allow your viewers to download the source file for your Wistia video.

The Usage tab shows you where the video can be found on your channel, as well as how many views and ratings the video has received in each location. Clicking on the name will also take you to that instance of the video.

The Chapters tab lets you add chapters to your video. Once set up your viewers can easily jump to specific parts of your video.

The Resources tab lets you add links to your video and, depending on your subscription plan, upload downloadable documents that appear alongside your video.

The Purchasing tab lets you set a one-off price for this individual video. When enabled your members will not be able to watch the video unless they’ve paid for access first. Selling content is explained in more detail in other videos.

The Permissions tab lets you set restrictions on who can watch this individual video. For example, you might require that viewers are logged in before they can watch the video, or the must be a Member of a specific Member Group. If you put this video in a collection or sub-collection with Permissions set up, it might not be necessary to change these here. Permissions are covered in more detail in other videos.

In the SEO tab you can set a custom title and description for this video specifically for search engines.

In the advanced tab you can enable or disable the video, change the URL for the video, and also schedule the video to become available or expire on a certain date.

Press save to confirm your changes.

Please note that videos are enabled by default and are immediately viewable by anybody with access to locations where you’ve added the video.

Deleting Videos

To delete a Wistia-hosted video from Vimsy, navigate to your channel’s video library using the Vimsy Menu. Find the video in your video library’s list and open the options menu on the righthand side. You will see an option to delete the video.

Deleting the video immediately removes it from Vimsy and it can no longer be accessed by your members. All of your insights for this video will also be deleted. This does not delete the video from Wistia, even if you uploaded the video through Vimsy.

It is also important to note that if a video is deleted from Wistia the entry will remain on Vimsy but the video will no longer play.

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