Upgrading And Downgrading Your Channel

This video explains how to upgrade your Vimsy channel to Vimsy Extra, Vimsy Premium or Vimsy Hosting, and how to cancel your subscription.

You can find out about our pricing plans and the benefits they provide at

Upgrade your channel

To upgrade your channel, click on the Vimsy Menu in the top right and choose “Settings”.

Navigate to the “Billing” tab and choose “Upgrade” on the plan you want to subscribe to. Enter your card details and submit to immediately start your subscription.

Cancel your subscription

To downgrade your channel, from the Billing tab in your channel settings, choose “Cancel”. Your subscription will stop at the next billing date and you will lose access to the features and services you’ve been paying for.

Need help?

If you encounter any difficulties at any point in this process, please contact

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