Your Channel's Settings Explained

Adding your own colours, logos and brand is an important part of setting up your Vimsy channel. Vimsy offers several options for making your channel your own.

Please note that some functions will be explained in more depth within other videos.

Accessing your channel's settings

From the Vimsy menu in the top right corner of the page, navigate to your Channel Settings.


Under 'Details' you can change your channel's name, add an overview about what your channel is about, and also change the language that your channel is displayed in.

When writing your channel overview, you can format the text and add links by highlighting your text and choosing an option from the menu. You can also use common formatting keyboard shortcuts such as CMD+B (Mac) or CTRL+B (PC) for Bold text.


Under 'Appearance' you can change the logos and colours of your channel. Instructions are provided alongside each setting.


The Layout tab allows you to change the layout of your channel and configure settings related to the specific layout you’ve chosen.

Presently, you can choose between using the Standard or Enhanced layout.


The 'Contact' tab lets you can add contact details for your channel such as a contact email address, phone numbers, website and social media handles. When you add your details a Contact link will appear in your channel’s navigation menu, and your details will be displayed in a pop up.


Permissions let you control who can access the content within your channel. We have other videos which provide in-depth information about how Permissions work, but changing your Permissions here will effect them for your channel as a whole. For example, requiring users to log in before they see anything else - including your home page.


To charge money for the content within your channel you will need to connect to Stripe. You can do this here and also change the currency your channel takes payments in.


When Members complete actions on your channel, such as logging in or purchasing content, the owner of your channel will be sent email alerting them of this activity.

You can choose which activities you would like to receive notifications for and also sign up to product updates from Vimsy here.


The Integrations tab lets you connect your channel to third party services to unlock extra functionality for your channel. Some integrations may require you to purchase a subscription to Vimsy before you can use them.


The SEO tab lets you change the SEO title and description for your channel, letting you customise how your channel appears to search engines.


In the 'Advanced' tab you can change your channel's URL and configure your channel with your own web domain.

Using a your own web domain with your Vimsy channel required a subscription with Vimsy. We have a separate video detailing how to set this up.


From the Billing tab you can upgrade your Vimsy channel to one of our Vimsy plans. You can cancel at any time from here too. For information about our prices, visit

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