Give Your Customers Discounts With Stripe Coupons

Coupon codes let you provide your customers with discounts on subscriptions to your Vimsy Channel.

By default, Coupons are turned off but you can enable this function in your channel settings under “Payments”. Enable coupons, then press save. Your customers can now enter a coupon code when they purchase a subscription from you.

You can create coupons within your Stripe dashboard at

Stripe have their own documentation for this feature, but here are the basics...

Log in to your stripe Dashboard, navigate to the “billing” section and choose “Coupons”. You will be able to create your coupons here.

Give your coupon a name that will appear on your customers' receipts and invoices, then give your coupon an ID. The ID is the code your customers will need to enter at checkout.

Then set your coupon to provide either a percentage or fixed amount discount, and how much discount the coupon should provide. You can set how long the discount will last for, when the coupon can be redeemed and how many times the coupon can be redeemed.

Once you create your coupon your customers will be able to start using it immediately.

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